ColorSearch Technology Overview

You can now scan any colour in the rainbow and instantly and precisely create your gelcoat in your desired colour. The ColorSearch technology for Instint will allow you to match any colour precisely and make it in a shorter timeframe.

Instint Colors

Large database of Instint colors

Color Scanner

Precise Nix Pro scanner

Instint App

App for mobile devices

Instint App Features

Know What It Does. Just In Case.

3000+ Colors

Identifies the closest color from 3000+ colors of the Instint database: RAL, NCS, Instint720, Ashland Colours.

Color Visualization

Scan color and view how it looks in preloaded images.

Create Projects

Organize your colors into Projects and record scanning information (customers, colors, time, place).

Database Updates

New app versions are released periodically containing updated color database with new colors. The updates are done automatically over internet.

Install and Play

Easy for use. Just install the app, connect Nix Pro and scan colors.

Clean Design

Design for maximum accuracy and simplicity of color identification.

How Instint app works

Three Easy Step To Begin With The App

Watch The Video

Instint App Screenshorts

A Quick View In Screens

Popular FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed instructions about how to configure and use the Instint app and the scanner with Instint colors you can find in SUPPORT

Once you scan a color the app searches the closest colors in the Instint database. The “proximity” of the identified colors to the color sample is signaled by a dot indicator. The dot appears next to a color code and can have 3 values: Green – good match, Orange – approximate match (visual difference may occur), Red – poor match (no close color has been found in the Instint database). For more information go to SUPPORT.

You can take the identified color code and ask your Ashland gelcoat store for gelcoat colored according to this color code. If you don’t know where is your closest Ashland gelcoat store please contact Antamion ( we will be happy to help you.

You can purchase a Nix color scanner on Antamion online shop.

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